Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mud & Snow & Monoclonal Antibodies

Like marching through mud, today was. Had to do some re-writing on a feature, a long feature involving complicated financial arrangements among real estate companies. Describing the complicated arrangements wasn’t the hard part, however. It was describing them in a few paragraphs.

Yep, reminds me of the time, ca. 1985, I spent hours writing a single paragraph describing the potential use of monoclonal antibodies in cancer treatment. Which ended up edited out of the article. True story, except I exaggerate the time involved: it just seemed like hours. Fortunately, I’ve had no reason to keep up with it, or any other news about cancer treatments.

I don't remember why I thought monoclonal antibodies needed to be in an article in a business magazine, or even what the article was about. There must be a term for that kind of memory, one that juts up like an offshore island, a memory missing the context of how it was created.

There was enough snow on the ground over the weekend (it’s slowing melting now) for Lilly to get her wish to go sledding – twice – at the catchment near the Community Recreation Center. Her third year doing so. Ann took a few rides, too, sometimes with her sister, sometimes alone. Only once did it seem to scare her.


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