Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So Long, Film

Off till after Memorial Day -- back next Tuesday. Actually, Decoration Day is always the 30th, which is next Wednesday this year, but I'll be back at the word mill by then. If Veterans Day can return to November 11, there's a glimmer of hope for restoring Memorial Day.

Not long ago I discovered two rolls of undeveloped film around the house. Lost treasure? Not really. Upon development, one turned out to be two years old, the other about a year. The oldest one was taken during my visit to St. Louis to attend my nephew's graduation from Washington U. I'd post one or two of them here, but that would mean setting up my scanner again, and teaching one of the newer computers to play nice with it. They're decent pics, some of them, but not worth staying up late for tonight.

It looks like the transition from film to digital camera has been made around here. We took both kinds of cameras on all of our recent trips, but used digital much more -- and it's made much better images. Not only that, developing a 24-exposure roll at Walgreens is about $7, or about 29¢ each, and some of those are indifferent quality. Using my computer, I can order prints from Costco at 19¢ each, only those I like. Not much of a decision, really, especially as the cameras themselves get cheaper and of higher quality.


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