Thursday, June 26, 2008

High Summer of Aught-Eight

Fireflies! They've appeared suddenly, in great numbers, dancing their glowing dance. They mark the beginning of high summer; rising summer is complete. Not sure what the harbinger of the end of that singular period, high summer, might be around here -- maybe it's marked by intense cricketsong, at least in Illinois.

So I don't get too goofy in praise of this time of year, I have to add that mosquitoes are out in great numbers now as well. Lately some have made their way into the house. That means the end of the line for them, and a nuisance for us.

Time for summer break. Signing off until about July 6. I ought to have a few new observations to report by then. Regards to all American readers for Independence Day (amazingly, people from all over the world visit this site, usually just once). If possible, go out and do your patriotic bit by eating meat, drinking beer and shooting off fireworks.

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