Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Melons & Spuds

Things come unexpectedly. Last month, for unclear reasons, I got a press release from the National Watermelon Promotion Board. It began: "Chevys Fresh Mex® has helped watermelon growers, shippers and importers probably without even realizing it. As a result, the National Watermelon Promotion Board (NWPB) is saying 'thank you' by awarding the company the third annual 'Wild About Watermelon' award."

I have to wonder what kind of plaque goes with the Wild About Watermelon Award, and which Chevys exec is going to receive it for his awards wall. Or maybe it's a bronze mini-watermelon, suitable for a desktop.

Today, the Idaho Potato Commission also sent me a release: "This summer, turn snack time into playtime by getting your kids involved in the cooking. Every parent knows French fries top the list of kid-approved food. This healthy, fun recipe for Baked Idaho Pommes Frites and Simple Dipping Sauces will have parents, too, putting the stamp of approval on this snack."

Are members of the Idaho Potato Commission called commissioners? Is there an enforcement arm -- the Spud Police? Is one of their jobs to make sure that no one else trades on the good name of Idaho potatoes -- that all "Idaho potatoes" are actually from Idaho (like EU rules about champagne being from Champagne)?

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