Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Lilly's off to camp in southeast Wisconsin, not far over the border, on Wednesday morning with a Friday afternoon return. It's some kind of deal between the camp and the school district so that it counts as school, and they'll be staying in dorms rather than tents, which seems only right for the nadir of winter. It would be nice if it were subsidized as much as her summer retreat last year (a cost of $25 to me), but I had to pay a bit more this time, though the cost was defrayed some by Lilly's sales of fundraising cookie dough a few months ago, not all of which we bought.

Camp in winter. Who would have thought? I think tobogganing and horseback riding are on the menu, among other things, and she's looking forward to it eagerly. I wouldn't mind getting out of town myself. Wisconsin, as much as I like it, wouldn't be my first choice in January. But I would take it.

The best part, which she says is the worst part, is that no electronics are allowed during the stay. That's a long list of things not allowed. No televisions, radios, cell phones, digital cameras, laptops, iPods, hand-held video games or Van de Graaf generators.

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