Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Midweek Miscellany

Today wasn't much of a winter day, but it wasn't premature spring either. It was a straggler of a fall day, full of November chill and drizzle and fog. Still, I'll take that over static subfreezing sorts of days.

On the Internet, just as in the wider world, serendipity leads to remarkable places. I particularly like the photos of the Faeroe Islands; not something you see too often. I would need no encouragement to buzz off to the Faeroes.

I see from the photographer's bio that he hasn't made it to Japan, which is too bad but completely understandable. The world is large. I think he could do some fine work there.

The latest DVD to go back to Netflix was the first disk of Doctor Who, The Complete First Series, which of course isn't the first series, seeing as how it features the ninth Doctor. But I guess it counts as the first series made in quite a while, dating from 2005. I haven't seen any of the older ones in 20 years or more, but I thought they were fun romps.

So too with the newer ones, and I did not tire of looking at Rose Tyler (Billie Piper), the Doctor's companion. Lilly variously commented that the shows were "cool" and "weird." Ann was so scared by parts that she left the room.

I wrote this for publication yesterday: "The latest retail-oriented victim of the recession isn't a retailer, but many retail locations worldwide won't be quite the same without its services. Fort Mill, N.C.-based Muzak Holdings, noted creator of elevator music, has filed for Chapter 11 reorganization.... The company is in intense negotiations with its creditors to come up with a settlement, which brings up the question of whether Muzak is being piped into the meeting rooms to unconsciously persuade creditors to cut the company a little more slack."


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