Saturday, May 30, 2009

Item From the Past: Lunch at Cappy's

May 30, 1979

The day before my high school graduation ceremony, I went to lunch at a place called Cappy's on Broadway in Alamo Heights. Cappy's must have been an early entrant in the world of casual dining located in a retrofitted structure from earlier in the 20th century, established as it was in 1977. None of that would have meant anything to me 30 years ago. It was just an interesting place to have lunch with friends.

Apparently the place has seen success down the years -- I was mildly astonished to learn that it's still around. Hope it doesn't become a victim of the recession.

Someone, not me, had a Polaroid instant camera, and a number of pictures must have been taken, since I ended up in possession of two images. Physical images tucked away somewhere; it's what people did before the Internet.

This is the better of the two, and it looks like it was made before the food arrived. Most of us were raising ice tea glasses. It was South Texas in summer, after all.

No point in detailing who's in the picture very closely, but I will say, left to right: Mrs. F, Debbie, Tom, Donna, Catherine, Kirk, me, Margie, Mr. F. Catherine's aunt took the picture. She and Mr. F have passed on. I've lost track of Debbie and Donna. Margie, I met only that day. She was a friend of someone else, and I never saw her again.

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