Monday, October 12, 2009

Unit 3D, Imaginal Lofts

It's been an odd amalgam of September and November here during the first few weeks of this October. It seems that the leaves are still a lot greener than they should be -- and yet it's chilly just about every day, near freezing at night, with a lot of gray, drizzly days. We've mostly been lacking those crisp, bright October days.

I toured an unfinished condo project recently. Mostly finished, it seemed, and it was a handsome development on the inside -- blond woods, stainless steel in the kitchen, a more complex layout than you usually see in a condo. The person who had planned to buy it (actually an old friend) showed it to me, explaining that he was glad that he couldn't get a loan after all. I saw some leaky plumbing, but my guide explained it had been damaged during cleaning.

Then the developer spoke, via loudspeaker, about the property. He asked me if I liked it. All the units were connect via loudspeaker, and I wanted to leave. It turned out, you see, that I was dreaming. Literally. Has real estate has seeped into my unconscious? I'm not sure that's a good thing.



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