Thursday, January 07, 2010

Chilly Tweets

Under the cheery headline, "Harsh, Dangerous, Long-Lasting Cold," recently published a short article about the current cold spell gripping North America. Its last sentence was: "We of course will also send out valuable tweets via Twitter and you can join the cold conversation with tens of thousands of fans on"

Valuable tweets? Really? What's the value in that? A tweet about the weather is the equivalent of sitting around the stove muttering, "Yep, sure is cold out there."

And what's a "cold conversation?" Another fellow around the stove saying, "Yessir. So cold out this morning, I had to chop a hole in the air before I could take a piss."

The current temperature map's pretty interesting, though. It seems to be colder in places like Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Memphis and Nashville than it is here, and not much warmer in Dallas, Jackson and Birmingham. But it is January, after all. All bets are off when it comes to how cold it might get, even across the South.

The anticipated snow storm here today wasn't all that big. A few more inches fell, just enough to cover up the ice patches, but not enough to cancel school. Lilly was disappointed. Anything for a snow day.



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