Monday, August 09, 2010

In Zion No More

We had reason to be in Waukegan, Ill., on Friday, and when lunchtime rolled around, I tapped my fond memory of a restaurant on Sheridan Road in Zion, Ill. -- follow that road north from Waukegan through Zion and you'll end up in Wisconsin, but it's a slow path compared to I-94 or even US 41.

"Let's go to Green Fried Tomatoes," I said. "Everyone liked it last time."

No reaction.

"You know, the buffet we went to last time we were here. You remember, don't you?"

"No," said Lilly. "What kind of food is it?"

"Southern food. It was a buffet."

"You mean, fried chicken?"

"Yes. And barbecue and sweet potatoes and -- what was it no one else would try? Ham hocks. That was a Sunday special. Remember? About two years ago, I think."

No one did, not even Yuriko. Turns out my own memory was garbled, as memory usually is, because the place was actually called "Green Tomatoes Buffet," and we were there nearly three years ago. We arrived at the location this time only to find it gone. The sign was there, but the place was locked and empty. It had served its last ham hock.

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