Sunday, September 19, 2010

Item From the Past: A Boring Chat With the Man Upstairs

September 1981

LS visited. Had a good talk. She said that NM wants me to call; that she knows Sam the McGillite, whom I met last Saturday; and the she's gotten a job at Capt. D's. I told her about my summer, of Austin and other places, of Fritz and other people. Fritz, she asked? He was the fellow RF and I had dinner with on May 14. Fritz and RF went to high school together. Poor, gullible Fritz. I had him believing I was from Alaska and some other rubbish.

Since that evening, RF had told me, no good has come Fritz. One day this summer, he stole a bicycle and was hit by a car while riding it. He was unconscious for a few days, and even when he woke, wasn't all together there for a few more. RF relayed an account of a conversation between Fritz, still in his hospital bed, and a mutual friend, Jim. I can't vouch for its accuracy, but it's a good Fritz story anyway.

Jim: How are you, Fritz?

Fritz: I talked to the Man Upstairs.

Jim: What?

Fritz: I said, I talked to the Man Upstairs!

Jim: Who do you mean? The guys on the next floor?

Fritz: No! I mean God! God!

Jim: You talked to God? What did He have to say?

Fritz: Not much.



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