Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Frosty Tempest

Sure enough, at about 3 this afternoon, after a light snow last night and an entirely gray day with more light snow, the blizzard let loose: high winds, the air full of snow, low visibility. The girls were all home by just after 3, and Yuriko by 4:30.

Also during the afternoon, the school district sent out an e-mail canceling school tomorrow. Then it followed that up with a robo-call to make sure we got the message.

The blizzard blows even now. There might be two feet of snow on the ground before it's done. But we'll get through in some comfort, provided ComEd keeps the juice flowing. If not, we'll get through in some discomfort. And what if the electricity failed as I was posting to Blogger? Would I be cut off in mid--

No, it doesn't work that way, any more than someone would chisel Argghhh on the wall as he was dying.



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