Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dieu et Mon Droit & All That

It's too late in April to be this cold. But April ignores our pleas, and fobs the job of the warming of the Northern soil onto May.

I've developed some rules of thumb for reading about Prince William and Kate Middleton, though I can't say I've been reading about them all that much. Anyway, (1) don't read articles with the term "fairy tale" in the head or the deck or the lead paragraph or in a photo caption or pretty much anywhere; on the other hand, (2) don't take sour (ex-)British republicans very seriously either, such as Christopher Hitchens. We get it, Chris. The Windsors stubbornly refuse to live up to your standards. But so does everyone else, it seems, including God.

One of the more interesting ideas I've read in recent years regarding the British royal family came by way of advice columnist Dan Savage, of all people. Somehow or other the question of a Briton still being Canada's monarch came up, and he suggested that Prince Harry, being a spare and all, should immigrate to Canada to found a new dynasty for that country -- provided he marries a French-Canadian woman and makes bilingual babies with her. Not sure how the Canadians might feel about that, but it did strike me as an intriguing suggestion.

I'm not planning to watch the event. I skipped Charles and Diana's broadcast in 1981, too. Not out of any particular antipathy toward the participants, but just my odd idea that either you see a wedding in person, or not at all. It's something that shouldn't be televised. Besides, this time around it's at some ungodly hour here in North America.

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