Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I am Never Forget the Day I First Meet the Great Lobachevsky

Huge thunderstorm on the horizon during mid-morning today, the dark and ominous kind. Then it mostly bypassed us here in the northwestern suburbs and slapped other suburbs. But as the current headline at the Tribune Weather Center asserts, "Heat & humidity set the stage for storms this morning and a heavy rain event tonight." So we'll get another chance. Nothing like a heavy rain event to perk one up.

If I haven't learned something new, it's been a wasted day. Luckily, something new doesn't mean something insanely difficult or arcane, like the Krasovskii-Lasalle principle, even though that has its own Facebook page. Still, the thought of arcane mathematics naturally leads to this, which is a discussion of the analytic and algebraic topology of local Euclidean meterization of infinitely differentiable Riemannian manifolds.

Instead, I learned that the Indian rupee has a relatively new symbol, adopted only last year. I didn't know that before, and don't have any fonts for it, so interested parties will have to look here. Not bad. Looks like a municipal rail symbol -- Mumbai Metro, maybe, which is now under construction. But it makes a decent currency symbol as well.

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Bozhe moi! This I know from nothing.


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