Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Salt Creek in September

The stretch of the Salt Creek Trail near Mile 0 doesn't actually pass next to Salt Creek. To reach Salt Creek, you have to take one of the well-worn but unmarked dirt paths that people use mostly to access fishing spots. I didn't have fishing in mind on Saturday, but I did want to visit the creek again.

This is looking roughly east, toward the Arlington Heights Road bridge. The bridge in the distance looks small, but it's actually four lanes. Under and near the bridge, but hard to see, are a handful of people fishing.

Looking roughly west. Not far away is a dam that creates the main body of water in Busse Woods, which is popular with recreational fishermen too.

Dragonflies and other bugs flitted around the banks and the water. Near the far bank, a large turtle was sunning himself on a large rock poking out of the water. Elsewhere, ducks paddled by. Hard to believe this spot will be icy only three months from now.

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