Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Model of a Modern Major Plutocrat

Another cold day. January has settled into its normal routine, figuring better late than never.

I'm no expert on the architecture of the Internet nor copyright law, but SOPA and PIPA sound like bad ideas. And with friends like the RIAA and Rupert Murdoch, what bill needs enemies? As for Murdoch, he couldn't be more of a caricature of a plutocrat if he tried. Of course, it helps that he is a plutocrat. The last of the old-fashioned robber barons? Time will tell.

Not that robber barons will go away, just the old-fashioned kind. At this point in his life, rather than bitching about Google, or like King Cnut commanding it to recede, the least Murdoch can do is build an insanely lavish home, if he hasn't already (I'm not up on his residential properties). That way it can be a future tourist attraction along the lines of the Hearst Castle, the Breakers (Vanderbilt's property in RI, not the hotel in Palm Beach) or Biltmore. That kind of project should be on the bucket list of any robber baron worth his salt.



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