Monday, February 27, 2012

Snow Coat

We had a regular winter-like snowstorm starting last Thursday and continuing well into Friday morning. Not a blizzard, but a nice steady snowfall. On Friday morning, the view out the front door looked like this.

And from the back door.

It was wet, sticky snow. Note the way the snow coated the tree limbs -- it's been a while since we've seen that. In fact, we haven't seen that kind of winter dandification of the local flora all season. But the coating was the first to go, lasting only a few hours. Now, on Monday, almost all of the snow has melted. It's been that kind of winter. Suits me.

One year we visited the Morton Arboretum after an early March snowstorm that had coated the trees in exactly the same way. It was stunning -- something like this, if you can imagine being in the picture. Later, I found and bought a postcard at the arboretum that pictured the exact winter scene I'd just experienced. Rare are the times I get to be in a postcard.



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