Monday, April 09, 2012

The Schaumburg Municipal Helistop

On Friday I chanced on the Schaumburg Municipal Helistop -- a helicopter landing site, that is, complete with a large H painted on the concrete. I don't think I've ever seen one except at hospital complexes, but then again I never travel in helicopters (and when it comes to hospitals, never hope to).

The sign at the helistop says Elevation 729 feet, and there's a red windsock. There wasn't much wind on Friday, so it was flaccid. Nearby was a large parking lot, a vacant lot, and the backs of retailers on Golf Road. I've been driving by an intersection about a half-block from the Schaumburg Municipal Helistop for years now and had no inkling it was there. That just goes to show -- something, maybe just that I'm unobservant.

Now that I know about it, I have half a mind to show it to the kids, and tell them it's the final resting place of Hubert, the famous circus elephant. Ann might believe it for a while, but Lilly will probably be skeptical.

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