Monday, August 13, 2012

Please Collect Yr US$25,0 M

Rain today. Slow, steady rain, the sort that's gone missing most of the summer. Also oddly cool for August, but certainly there's more heat to come.

Is it just me -- it couldn't be -- or is everyone receiving a sudden upsurge in Nigerian email scams? Maybe not literally from Nigeria anymore, but I think that's a fitting generic term. The kind that should have been laughed off the Internet years ago. I've been getting one or two a day for the last week or so, after none for I don't know how long.

Most of them are the same formula: Semiliterate query from someone eager to access $X million or £X million, please help. That is, send along your banking info, and we'll do the rest. I don't look at them all, but there have been a few contemporary twists. I think one of them claimed to be from a Syrian refugee.

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