Thursday, July 14, 2005

Andy Capp on the EU

Hot and muggy day, but not the hottest or the most uncomfortable of the summer. Still, the arc of the day is almost tropical: pleasant for an hour or two after sunrise, then unremitting heat by mid-morning.

Went to a different discounter today, but nowhere new. At that store I saw, but didn’t buy, some Andy Capp potato chips (shouldn’t that be crisps?). I can’t remember the last time I saw that brand—years and years ago, probably. I was curious enough to see who it is that makes them, so I checked the package. Con-Agra of Omaha.

The chips are probably chockablock with GM corn that would never be acceptable within the EU—and maybe it’s even against EU regs for a European cartoon character to endorse a product containing GM foods. Andy probably wouldn’t care much for any such rules from Brussels: “The same *&%#ing bastards who say I can’t drink me pints. *&%# ’em.”


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