Monday, January 30, 2006

Ann of a Thousand Days

Actually, Ann is more than a thousand days old. This week marks her third birthday. Wistful sentiment about one’s children: Gee, they grow up fast. Naah. That’s only true in retrospect.

See my very first entry (February 21, 2003) nearly three years ago for more on her earliest days.

Still, those three trips around the Sun are worth noting. On Saturday, Yuriko went to the best bakery for miles around, the suburban home of fine doughnuts, cookies, coffeecakes and birthdays cakes at reasonable prices, the Deerfield Bakery. We knew about this place even before we moved to the northwest suburbs, and would occasionally visit if we were in the area. Now it’s only a couple of miles away, but we don’t go too often – that would spoil the experience.

She selected a white cake with strawberry icing. Ann blew out three candles after being prompted to, one at a time. We ate with great satisfaction. Why make birthdays any more complicated than that?



At 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd birthday to Ann! Birthdays shouldn't be more complicated than that , but what to do when the entire preschool class has been inviting all members to "playgym" or "karate" birthday parties? Sometimes 3 in a weekend (Jan. and Feb. are popular months for these things). Ours is scheduled for Whippersnappers Playgym for 2/25, one day after Dante's 4th birthday. MT


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