Friday, August 04, 2006

Damned Slacker Line

Skipped a day, because DSL’s unpredictable yet persistent blinking off, sometimes for seconds, sometimes hours. This adds a great deal of inconvenience to my workday and eats up a lot of time. Connection to the Internet is absolutely vital to my writing. Who would have thought it only 10 years ago?

DSL reminds me of the ne’er-do-well electricity in Saigon in ’94. Whoops, there it goes again. And again. The guesthouse we stayed at had a supply of candles at hand all the time, and for good reason. But at least when the electricity goes off, you quit paying for it. Earthlink seems to want to charge me whether they provide a service or not.

That makes the goal for the month, besides writing a lot of articles, to get a cable connection to the Internet. Sure, cable can have its problems, but I’ve had enough of the devil I know.


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