Wednesday, January 17, 2007

I Want Captain Canuck Collectibles

People complain about junk mail, or at least they used to – spam is the main object of ire now – but I don’t mind a little old-fashioned direct-mail twaddle. Especially when it makes me ask, How on Earth did I get on that mailing list?

The folks at collectible purveyor Hawthorne Village – which sounds like an independent living senior housing development to me – recently sent me a small packet of information on The Batman Express (their italics). It’s an HO-scale train set that “is powerfully embellished with dramatic full-color artwork by some of DC Comics greatest artists,” according to the letter. “You’ll thrill to each outstanding portrait of Batman as he battles his arch villains including The Joker and Catwoman.

Again, their italics. Elsewhere in the letter, Dark Knight, Bruce Wayne, Cape Crusader and Gotham City are all italicized. That and send no money now. But send plenty later, about $80 for each car (my italics). Anyway, I wonder about that use of italics – as opposed to boldface, which I might have opted for – but that’s just an old editor musing.

The odd thing is Batman and… trains? I’m no expert on Batman, but I can’t recall any strong association between the Dark Knight and that mode of transport. Of course, there was the Batmobile. But no Pullman Bat-Car, though as a wealthy fellow Bruce Wayne could have outfitted one.

That’s the world of collectibles, I figure. Anything goes with anything, if it sells, and Hawthorne is busy fishing for suckers with its direct mail hooks. What can be next, sticking with the theme of superheroes and transport? Superman model Zeppelins? Ultraman ships in a bottle? Captain Canuck 1/16 model golf carts?


At 2:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would the Captain Canuck model golf cart come with an action figure of Captain Canuck? ANK


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