Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Here I Come to Save the Day

Bees, buds and the sound of lawn mowers off in the distance. Warmish air. Baseball in the park behind the back yard. It's been spring today, again, but those wise in the ways of high-pressure systems, the jet stream and so on say no, it will be cold again tomorrow. Bah. But 70 on Saturday! (Unless it isn't.)

Once it's set up, Ann can maneuver YouTube and the like in a limited way. Thus, while I was working (trying to) on the slow computer, she was on the nearby faster one ordering up Mighty Mouse cartoons, with vintages from the early days to the newer ones made in the 1980s. I'd forgotten any were made in that decade, though after shaking the memory tree a little, I remembered that the show caught flak for MM's supposed use of recreational substances. But I'd never actually seen any of those episodes.

I had other things to do, and tried to ignore them, but animator Ralph Bakshi's items are hard to ignore, whatever else you think of his work. (I'm not overly taken with it, except for the surprise conclusion of Wizards). But there were funny moments in this MM, especially one episode -- "Don't Touch That Dial" -- in which the caped mouse found himself bouncing from cartoon to cartoon, giving Bakshi a chance to spoof The Flintstones, Scooby-Doo and Bullwinkle. Not completely spot-on, but it had its charms. "That's why television is called a medium," MM said, commenting on some TV show not his own. "It's never rare or well done."

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