Sunday, April 15, 2007

Snaps from Texas, Late March '07

At US 69/75 just south of the Red River and just north of Denison, there's a finely landscaped welcome center run by the state of Texas. If you point your camera just so, you can capture an image of your children and the Six Flags Over Texas, like so:

Above the door at the Cracker Barrel near Denton, Texas, you'll see this:

Spring in Texas, starring the state flower. Taken in Dallas:

And, if you park your youngest daughter on an old-timey fire barrel in Old City Park in Dallas, it would look something like this:

Finally, and this has nothing to do with Oklahoma or Texas, please see my old friend Geof Huth's latest vacation blog. He blogs his trips more consistently, methodically and photo-intensely than I ever will. Lately Geof and his family made it all the way to Dry Tortugas National Park, an admirable destination that I would like to visit myself someday.

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