Monday, July 23, 2007

Sex Ed at Hogwarts?

A friend of mine who has no children e-mailed the other day and noted that, in his childless state, he was able to skip the lines last weekend to buy the latest Harry Potter book. I missed that line myself, even though juveniles dwell with us. Lilly, who is old enough to read the books, has shown little interest in the copy of the first volume we have sitting around the house. In the fullness of time, she’ll either read it or she won’t.

Come to think of it, even if she had read all of the books, and was eager to acquire the latest one, I wouldn’t have waited in line at midnight to buy one. Or waited in line any time. Despite news reports about enthusiasts waiting around the block at certain bookstores, I think I represent majority opinion on the subject of waiting for Harry. It isn’t as if all of the Harry Potter books will be bought and later traded at a premium for being rare. They won’t be the 1916-D dimes of our time.

Harry’s practically grown up now, as I understand it. Does it behoove him to practice safe sex? Or do they teach certain spells at Hogwarts that obviate the need? Just wondering.


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