Sunday, August 26, 2007

I See This Kind of Thing a Lot

I've had this saved for a while now, because it's a perfect example of the art of the press release. Of course, if I'd been trying, I could have saved a library of PR writing by now, but it isn't worth the effort.

[City Name] City Council Member [Name] agrees, “The choice to develop in [City Name] highlights [Company Name]’s superior strategic planning. [City Name] is indeed at the precipice of its identity as the premier location for industrial business and kudos to [Company Name] for recognizing this early. The [Company Name] representatives have been wonderful to work with and we have every indication that this will be an extremely beneficial reciprocal relationship. A distribution and global logistics center of this magnitude will bring in thousands of living wage jobs for the people of [City Name]. I am ecstatic that [Company Name] is coming here, and that the complex is in my district is just an added bonus."


At 11:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then there's Keith Nelson, a county commissioner for St. Louis County, Minnesota, expressing an opinion you won't hear voiced too often:


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