Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Image Problem

We had star-crossed photography on this trip. The digital camera that we've had for about three years recently -- before the trip -- and mysteriously developed a bent zoom, rendering the device useless for now. (I suspect a certain girl, who denies it, of dropping the thing -- but didn't see it happen.) I was too busy to find out if it would be worth fixing, so it sat out the trip.

So we took Yuriko's old film camera. After a few pictures, it stopped working. I bought a new lithium battery for it at the IGA in Glen Arbor, Mich. It again worked for a few pics, then stopped. Old age, I figure. Yuriko had it before we were married.

Then we bought a disposable camera. Lilly's used to the digital, so I had to restrain her from snapping pictures right and left, since there's no erasing exposed film.

But we did get a few passable images, such as this, the schoolhouse replica in which a dog alarmed the kids (see August 11):

It looks like how an 1830s school would be imagined in the 1930s.

This is the view at the north tip of Old Mission Peninsula in Michigan. Note the pride in its latitude. "You are now standing on the 45th parallel or half way between the north pole & the equator. This lighthouse was built in 1870."

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