Thursday, November 29, 2007

Product Endorsement Thursday

The upstairs bathroom sink has been draining a mite slow recently, achingly slow in fact. I was certain that I'd have to go out and find the only product I use to free up water flow: Power Plumber. Looking in the storage space in the bathroom, I discovered that sometime in the past, I'd already bought a new Power Plumber. Within two minutes, the clog was gone. Such is the strength of a product based on difluoroethane, which generates a blast of gas in the direction of the clog, though not strong enough to blow up the pipes -- at least not in my ten years or so of using the product.

If I were famous, I'd take money to endorse it. Since I'm obscure, I'll have to make my endorsement for the mere satisfaction of it. Rare enough is the product that works as it's supposed to, doesn't cost a fortune, and replaces a class of unreliable, toxic, more expensive products -- by which I mean liquid drain openers. WIth the added bonus of not being made in China. Not yet, anyway. See this site for more information.


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