Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Setzer for (Next) Christmas?

Back after Thanksgiving. Overcast today, rain tonight, more rain slated for tomorrow, maybe even snow come Thursday. Probably the melting kind, but you never know this time of year. Fall's just about thrown in the towel.

I looked into getting tickets for the Brian Setzer Orchestra Christmas Extravaganza Tour, which plays at a venue in Aurora, Illinois, next month, but my procrastinating ways meant that tickets were sold out before I got around to buying any. I had the good fortune of seeing Mr. Setzer solo at the Chicago House of Blues some years ago, and would pay to see him again.

Maybe next year. Till then, or until they're removed from the site, clips like these will have to do, and there are plenty besides these three. This is a lively take on a lively TV theme (one of the best themes, I always thought). Purists may not care for this, but who cares? And, since it is almost Thanksgiving, a little Christmas music from the BSO.


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