Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More Than 3,000 Words About Snowfall

Lilly was eager to have a snow day this morning, checking for school-closure information both on TV and the Internet. Her school district was much less eager to pull the trigger on yet another snow day, however, maybe because there have been two already this year, and in fact school opened as usual.

It was the correct decision. I happened to be up briefly at about 3 am and took a look outside. The snow had already stopped, leaving maybe four or five more inches. By 10 or so, the Sun came out, and temps stayed in the 20s. Not quite all of the snow was gone from the streets by mid-afternoon, but most of it was. It was an ordinary weekday.

But with a new patina of snow on the trees and bushes and other things, most of which was gone by the end of the day. The object that looks like a shed for a small blimp or flying saucer in this picture is actually the chain-link backstop behind the home plate in the park behind my back yard:

A dandified bush:

And frosted tree branches:


At 4:42 PM, Anonymous Kevin Middleton said...

Thanks for the postcard. I visited your blog – what’s with all that white stuff on the ground?

Kevin Middleton


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