Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Let There Be Pyrotechnics

From the Australian, dateline Sydney, where it's already 2009: "More than a million revellers have ushered in 2009 in Sydney, watching in wonder as spectacular bursts of fireworks lit up the night sky, culminating in a giant glowing sun on the iconic Harbour Bridge.

"With the theme of Creation, the event was 15 months in the making, with a dazzling array of more than 100,000 individual pyrotechnics firing from the bridge, six barges around the harbour and the top of several skyscrapers."

Damn. I would like to have seen that. Why 2009 gets to be the Creation year, I couldn't say, but who cares. Fiat lux.

Then again, New Year's is a summer holiday in Oz, so they might as well shoot off 100,000 individual pyrotechnics. That's lighting a lot of candles against the darkness. Roman candles against the darkness.

Around here, I expect to hear a scattering of private pyrotechnics around midnight. It happens every year. Maybe not as many this year as last, not because of the economy or anything so abstract, but because it's biting cold out there.

Feliĉan Novan Jaron, everyone. Back on Sunday.

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