Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Douglas Bicentennial Will Be in 2013

Cold today, but not below freezing, and walking on the sidewalks is pleasant once again, since nearly all the ice has disappeared. There are a few rims of dirty die-hard, survivalist ice in places near the sidewalks, mostly where enormous piles used to be. But virtually nothing underfoot. I'm expecting an ice storm any time now.

I checked with Lilly to see if any mention was made of Lincoln at school on this, his bicentennial, and she said no. No? Here in the Land of Lincoln? Not even a mention on the school PA system in the morning?

Certainly it would be too much to expect an acknowledgment of Darwin, though it was his bicentennial as well, but Lincoln ought to at least merit a tip of a stove-pipe hat. It probably isn't in the school budget, but a Lincoln impersonator visiting the classes would have been even better. Maybe they were all busy today, as they should have been.

Lincoln impersonators are all well and good, but I'm also glad to know that Stephen Douglas impersonators, at least this one, made the rounds today.


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