Tuesday, April 21, 2009

More Digressions

We might get May flowers out of the deal, but for now April showers have brought April mud, puddles, soggy grass, and earthworm die-offs. Been drizzling, with occasional heavier rain, pretty much continuously since Sunday morning. Haven't even had any of those springtime thunderfests with dark, pre-tornado clouds yet. But we will.

For reasons I don't need to go into, but which (unfortunately) don't actually involve me leaving the country again anytime soon, I was on line checking out the Chinese restaurant scene in Kuwait City recently. I happened across this breathless bit of verbage during my search: "If you are planning to visit Kuwait, without wasting much of your time come here. Kuwait is called food lover's paradise. Here you will find plenty of food outlets. Are you fond of Chinese cuisine? There are a number of Chinese Restaurants in Kuwait..."

Some of which the page lists. Then it ends with this: "Spend some glorious days of your vacation in Kuwait. If you like Chinese dishes, come to any of the Chinese Food Outlets in Kuwait and relish your food." Yes, indeed.

It was all I could do not to waste a lot of time on this site today, also discovered by the Internet user's best search tool, serendipity. It seems to have a staggering number of TV theme songs, all put into one place.

At first I thought it was a greatest hits sort of collection, but discovered that it includes some incredibly obscure themes, such as that of Hot L Baltimore, Longstreet and Quark, just to pick three from different genres that I saw as callow lad. Also, not only does it have the theme to Camp Runamuck, it has three versions of it. How a show that lasted less than a year in the mid-60s managed to have three versions of its theme, I couldn't say. I wasn't even a callow lad when that had its short run, and I only remembered the title and the notion that my brother Jim watched it.

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