Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Doughnuts & Wi-Fi

Most of last week's snow is still around, but there's been some meltage and refreezing, making large patches crunchy underfoot. More like stepping on peanut brittle than divinity, and there's no crunch quite like it.

Sign of the times -- or rather, coupon of the times. The December issue of Moneysaver, a coupon-oriented local ad circular, somehow landed on my desk today, open to the page that features County Donuts coupons. Maybe someone is trying to tell me that it's been too long since doughnuts formed the linchpin of a Saturday or Sunday breakfast. The County Donuts ad has the usual dollar-off-a-dozen and discount for a half-dozen offers, and so on. Bold lettering also says: Now Offering Free Wi-Fi.

On the next page is an ad for the Huge Gold Buying Event at Pyramid Restaurant and Sports Bar. No coupon here, but there is a pic of Santa Claus holding up a wad of paper money.

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