Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Some Extra Ambience for the Evening

Lilly invited two of her friends over for a mid-summer's sleepover this evening and even now are watching a DVD of Paranormal Activity, which I understand is about a demon or ghost or otherwise unpleasant spirit that bothers people. I missed the movie when it was new, and have little interest in it now, so I'm passing the time in my office.

Because of a quirk in the acoustics of the house, music played in my office can be heard fairly well in the living room, where the girls are watching. So a few minutes ago I cued up this on YouTube.

The video mentions The Exorcist, and I suppose that's fitting, but I know it from the original album, Tubular Bells, by Mike Oldfield. I've had a tape of that music for a long time, and even in recent years -- maybe about once a year -- when no one else is home, I play it all the way through loud. If you know it, you know it: ... two slightly distorted guitars... mandolin... Spanish guitar and introducing acoustic guitar... TUBULAR BELLS!

I don't think of demons at all when I hear it, probably because I never saw The Exorcist. But that didn't stop me from playing the YouTube "Exorcist" selection loud enough for the girls to hear it in the background. It wasn't long before Lilly said, "Stop trying to scare us!"

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