Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bill's Custard Cafe and Its Mac & Cheese Triangles

Green Tomatoes being closed (see yesterday), we went down the road a very short distance to Bill's Custard Cafe. I'd spotted it driving by moments earlier. Something about the worn sign caught my eye. The restaurant's card, sporting Mr. & Ms. Sun as mascots, is a lot more cheerful than the sign, or the restaurant itself for that matter. They don't appear anywhere else that I noticed.

Just another nondescript, low-cost family restaurant not part of a chain. Ray Kroc made his money because these kinds of places, as well as diners and holes-in-the-wall and other species of greasy spoons, are hit or miss, if you're passing through.

Bill's Custard Cafe: hit. It was good. Better than good, at least when it came to frying up some fish and putting it on a plate for me (the place's name specifies custard, but that's only one of many items). Yuriko's soft-shell tacos and Lilly's gyro were likewise tasty, but for once I had the best thing at the table. Perfectly fried fish on a plate with French fries; fish & chips, expect that the plate also included a large biscuit, and by that I mean a flaky North American biscuit, on which I put honey.

Mine might have been the best, but Ann's meal, off the kid's menu, was the strangest. She ordered macaroni & cheese, and instead of getting the usual colony of cheesy noodles heaped on a plate or in a bowl, she received a plate of fried, triangle-shaped pieces of food. At first I though someone had made a mistake and served her fried chicken triangles or something, but no. The macaroni was stuffed into thin, triangle-shaped dough pockets and fried. None of us had ever seen anything like it, but maybe we don't hang out at enough county or state fairs enough, where everything gets fried.

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