Thursday, September 23, 2010

Shine On Harvest Moon, Provided It Isn't Cloudy

I forgot about the "super harvest moon" on Wednesday, but I figured this evening was close enough. All I saw here in northeastern Illinois when I went out to look at about 9:30 CDT this evening was the fuzzy orb shining behind a layer of clouds. An intense wind blew at the same moment, foretelling rain.

In fact, it was windy all day. I went out to my deck for lunch, since we aren't going to have many (any?) more 80° F-plus days this year, that is for the next six months at least, so I wanted to savor the moment. The moment was nearly blown away, however, along with my napkins.

I'm pretty sure I linked to this clip a few years ago, but of course that link went the way of all YouTube clips. Someone has put it back. But I didn't link to this, which I should have, since it's a lovely song.

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