Monday, December 06, 2010

Hootch Heist, Interrupted

Big snow promised by excited weathermen over the weekend. But all we got was a medium snow, easily plowed and shoveled aside so that life could go on in the arctic blast that followed (10° F. or so this morning). Still, it was the first cover-everything snow of the season, so it was pretty to look at for a while.

Been a while since I've seen a good perp walk. The Hanover Park Police obliged me on Friday at a discount grocery store I frequent. As I entered the store, two employees were talking near the entrance. This is more or less what they said, though I've added a little corroborative detail.

-- Did you hear that Jose tackled the guy trying to steal liquor?

-- Yeah. And that he twisted his ankle while doing it.

-- I don't think that's going to bother him. Jose wants to be a badass.

I didn't see the badass grocery-store worker Jose that I knew of, but as I was checking out, two young men, both handcuffed, were walked from behind a door saying EMPLOYEES ONLY and out the exit by at least three cops. Neither of the lads looked over 20 and neither of them worse for being tackled. Jose needs to work on his technique. Still, he prevented the night of free drinking that they'd planned.

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