Monday, January 10, 2011

Hard Knock Life

Glad the great Southern blizzard didn't come our way. But if it had, the snow would simply be more winter and not a city-closing event. Occasionally I miss those days when I wasn't so inured to heavy snow and ice, living in places that collectively didn't know what to do on those rare frozen occasions.

Speaking of the South, an old friend of mine, an attorney in Georgia, has started a blog. Sure, the world has a lot of blogs, but not so many by people as highly intelligent as she, nor ones describing a corner of the criminal justice system most of us have no contact with. I'm glad I have no contact with it, since she's a public defender.

So far there aren't a lot of entries, but I encourage her to write more, and everyone else to read it. This is the kind of thing she's written: "Last week... I experienced the uncomfortable vortex of a case where I really disliked my own client, I thought he was guilty as charged, and I really, really liked the alleged victim. Boy, was that a mess. Thank goodness a completely irresistible plea offer was made... it's the situation that all my non-pd friends believe I live on a daily basis. You know, the friends who say, 'How can you do that job?' This kind of situation occurs a lot less often than most people think. And that's a good thing, because I for one would have a hard time doing this job if I were in the vortex routinely."

More at It's a hard knock life.

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