Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Snowdrops & Rainflakes

At about 7 pm today, rain and snow started falling at the same time. I heard the distinctive sound of raindrops falling onto various surfaces, but I could also see the distinctive silhouettes of snowflakes passing in front of outdoor lights. I was driving home with Ann when it first started, and upon arrival, she didn't want to go inside. So we stayed outside for about 20 minutes and kicked a soccer ball around.

Our field was the same back yard one as last summer, but less 40 or so degrees Fahrenheit. We left vivid footprints in the new snow, crunching the frozen ground as we chased the ball not very seriously. Out near the far fence was a lightly frozen puddle where the ball would sometimes wander. We left footprints there, too, cracking the ice and squishing the mud below in a two-part sound.

A pop of lightning high overhead followed by thunder snow interrupted the game, and we both decided to go inside. Snow had accumulated on the back of my coat, so when I took it off a cascade of frozen water went inside my shirt and down my back. That was good for a laugh. For Ann.

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