Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Temmy's Sweet Flakes

Part of getting ready for Ann's recent birthday party involved visiting a nearby dollar store. I hadn't been there in a few months, and it looks like the place is under new management. Or at least the franchiser told current management that basic merchandising -- in this country, anyway -- doesn't include leaving piles of goods on aisle floors in jumbles. In other words, the place has been tidied up. Remarkable how much of a difference that makes in improving the tone of the store.

Serendipity was with me. I happened across some 7 oz. boxes of Temmy's Sweet Flakes, a brand I'd never heard of. Discounted to 50ยข, it was an easy impulse buy, and wasn't the first time I've chanced across an odd brand of cereal. It also happened that I had a box of Kellogg's Frosted Flakes at home, so I could make a direct comparison between the two, both in ingredients and taste.

The ingredients are similar, if in fact Temmy's "corn" means "maize," as it does in Frosted Flakes. Temmy's doesn't have as much sugar as Frosted Flakes, and no corn syrup. It's sweet, but not nearly as sweet as the cereal that Tony the Tiger shills. Also, Temmy's has no added vitamins. All together, it's a pleasant, crunchy breakfast cereal.

Where's it from? I checked that almost before anything else on the box, which says Product of Egypt. That made my day, or my hour anyway. Egyptian cereal: Gives you the energy you need for a full day of civil disobedience.

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