Monday, May 09, 2011

Spring at Last

Another certainty of spring: the ice cream trucks will come. And one did today, late in the afternoon, but just driving quietly down my street, not marking its passage with "Turkey in the Straw." How that song survived its minstrel days to become an enduring tune for marketing ice cream treats from trucks is a question for the ages. Or at least not something I need to look into right now.

A truck probably came by yesterday, which was warm, partly cloudy and pleasant. Kids were out in force on our suburban lawns, and maybe itching for ice cream. Most of my outdoors time was in the back yard, or more exactly the deck, so I might have missed any trucks. We have two new -- as in recently acquired from a Japanese family returning home, that is, so new to us -- deck chairs that needed to be broken in. They are reclinable, something like dental chairs, except that you move it by shifting your weight, rather than letting a small motor do the work.

The back yard honey locust hasn't shown its chlorophyll just yet. That will be along in another few weeks. Still, I wanted to position my chair under whatever shade the tree could provide.

This was the view from my chair just past noon on Sunday, May 8. The Earth kept moving, making small adjustments necessary every few minutes to keep the chair in a shady spot. But I can't complain. All problems should be so straightforward.



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