Monday, August 08, 2011

Dog Day Songs

Time to knock off posting for a while. The Dog Days are here, after all. I'll pick it up again around August 21 -- probably still doggish, but much closer to the top of the long slide down into ice and snow.

Sirius is high, so we get Dog Days. Or so goes the learned explanation. But there's some charm in thinking that this is time when dogs lie around even more than they usually do, because the weather's so steamy hot. Not that we can see the Dog Star at the moment, so cloudy has it been lately. But I know it's there.

Here's a version of "Summertime" you don't hear much any more. But fitting for the weeks when Sirius is riding high.

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And what would summertime be with the Flying Lizards' cover of "Summertime Blues"? Pretty much the same, since the song's an acquired taste, and if you haven't acquired it by now, it's probably too late.

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Finally, what would we do without the Internet? How would we learn about lightweight one-hit British pop songs of previous generations, such as the borderline novelty "Luton Airport"?

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Best not to think too much about the song. But talk about peculiar. She was in Majorca for what, two weeks of vigorously shagging the bloke? And he didn't mention once that he was an airline pilot?

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