Thursday, January 19, 2012

Brazil, Where the Nuts Come From

The following description from a product label just about made my day. Sometimes that's all it takes. The product is a can of mixed nuts, nearly empty now, because they are tasty mixed nuts. For the record, Southern Grove brand, sold at Aldi.

The can says: "Peanuts product of USA and Argentina and Mexico, Cashews product of Vietnam and India and Brazil, Almonds product of USA, Brazil Nuts product of Peru and Bolivia and Brazil, Hazelnuts product of Turkey and USA, Pecans product of Mexico and USA."

An international festival of nuts, if there ever was one. I was glad to learn that at least some of the Brazil nuts come from Brazil. Also, I stumbled across the Brazil nut effect because of a Google autocomplete. I knew it was worth getting out of bed today, even with temps in the single digits.



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