Thursday, February 02, 2012

Die, Hormigas, Die

The ant highway (see January 30) was practically deserted today. A few stragglers made their way, but it was a lonely trip for them -- provided ants have any such concept. Only a day ago, I was ready to call the ant traps a failure, since the bugs were still numerous, and I couldn't see any of them entering the traps. But they must have.

So I'm now ready to call the traps a success: Raid brand, as it happens. Kills Bugs Dead.® Everyone knows that, because Foote, Cone & Belding taught us so. This product Kills the Colony (Mata a la Colonia), the box says, but not Kills the Colony Dead, Sows Their Fields With Salt, which I would have put on the box. Or Kills Them Dead as Crassus at Carrhae. That's why I'm not a product copywriter.

And they aren't traps, but "ant baits" (cebos para hormigas). Nice to learn that hormiga is Spanish for ant or worker ant. It's got a sinister ring to it. Do not trifle with the hormiga, my friend. He will kill you.

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