Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Objectivist Spam

Second windy day in a row, but at least warm. Genuinely warm, too, not the usual faux warm of early spring. Warm enough to take lunch on the deck, but the wind would have been distracting, so no leftovers al fresco just yet. It isn't really spring until I can do that.

Got an e-mail message from the Ayn Rand Center for Individual Rights the other day. How did I get on that mailing list? I thought the erosion of privacy in the Internet age was supposed to earn me solicitations tailored to my mindset and inclinations. A related question: how come I never get unsolicited coupons for things I actually buy? You know, to encourage me to visit my usual grocery stores more often? It's not like the grocery stores I frequent can't keep track of what I buy.

Still, I was amused by the e-mail, which is an invitation to a "debate" later this month. The debate topic is Is Government the Problem or the Solution? Gee, I wonder how the minions of Ayn Rand are going to come down on that question.



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