Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Busted Pluto Platter

Until this weekend, I'd never seen a frisbee shatter before. We have a small collection of them, mostly freebies given away to promote something or other, and we've been careless about their storage. They're cheap, wholly replaceable items, after all. If you can't be careless about things like that, you're a candidate for one of the obsessive disorders.

That is to say, three or four of them spent the winter on the ground near the entrance to garage. Ann and I were tossing one of them around the other day, and I decided to throw one at the stout tree in the back yard. To make that mildly satisfying thump when frisbee meets tree.

The thing shattered into one large piece, something like a crescent had been taken off of the disk, and several smaller ones. I'd never seen such a thing happen to a frisbee. The elements must have made the plastic brittle and ready for breakage. I plan to see what happens to some of the other disks when I throw them at the same tree.



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