Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Silver Buffaloes for the Chief Magistrate

Even though I don't have time for Dead Presidents Daily at the moment, I still dip into the deep well of presidential trivia and significa when I can. Such as today, when I learned about the Silver Buffalo Award, which "is the national-level distinguished service award of the Boy Scouts of America," to quote Wiki, which I don't doubt. "It is presented for noteworthy and extraordinary service to youth on a national basis, either as part of, or independent of the Scouting program."

According to my count, some 13 Presidents of the United States have received the Silver Buffalo Award, mostly for being president, though in some cases they won it before or after their terms (FDR as governor of New York, Ike just after WWII, and Taft as chief justice). It isn't given posthumously, so TR and Wilson and even Harding -- not much of a boy scout, but certainly president -- missed out, since the first ones were given in 1926. TR Jr. got one, though.

Since Calvin Coolidge, every U.S. president has gotten one, except Kennedy -- my guess is that the BSA was planned to award him one, but didn't get around to it before he died. President Obama is the other exception. Will he get one, or is he too much at odds with Scouting officialdom? If so, they aren't going to have any luck with Mitt Romney, either.

I never was a scout. I'll never get a Silver Buffalo Chip Award, much less a regular one.



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