Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sweet Home Copenhagen

Time to go out and buy something Danish. A small act, of course, but small acts can combine and cascade. Perhaps it can be one of the 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Defend Western Civilization.

At first I couldn’t think of anything other than cheese, though I was sure, as an industrial national, Denmark produces a good many things. So I checked my handy World Almanac. Besides food processing (which would include cheese), there’s machinery, chemicals, electronics and furniture. I probably can’t pick up a mess o’ Danish machinery or chemicals even at Costco, but then I remembered Legos. No, we have too many toys with small parts already, including Legos.

I know: Carlsburg beer. I have a soft spot for that brew anyway, ever since I spent an entertaining few hours at the Carlsburg brewery in 1983. (See the first entry of this page.)

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At 10:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to the Carlsburg Brewery in the Summer of 1978. I don't remenber if it was with my Danish "family" or with the whole group of EIL (Experiment in International Living) kids with whom I went to Denmark that summer. I do recall that it was OK for us 16- and 17- year olds to sample what the brewery had to offer.


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